Coaching helps you plan and put into practice your goals and supports you to live a fulfilling life. It has a decisive impact in your self-esteem and confidence, revealing a new way of relating to yourself and bringing the clarity you need to live happier and more balanced, with the certainty that you are entitled to be you, wherever you are in the world.

Is coaching for you?

"I've moved abroad for my partner and now I can't find my purpose in life."

"I can't find a suitable job" 


"I have a job abroad but way below my qualifications."

"No matter how hard I try, I cannot understand and accept this new culture and the different ways of being."

"I don't feel like myself in this country."

"I feel that living abroad is taking my confidence."

"I can't truly connect with people and that makes me feel alone."

Those are only a few things that you might feel while living abroad. If you identified with most or some of the topics above, then coaching is for you.

What are the benefits?

Coaching provides a non-judgmental, open, collaborative and confidential space between coach and client, with a focus on the client’s own thoughts, challenges, outcomes and goals. 

Here are only a few things I can support you with as your coach:

1. Define priorities abroad and achieve your goals

2. Overcome the stress and frustrations of everyday life as a migrant

3. Manage the culture shock

4. Establish true connections

5. Make the experience of living abroad empowering and enriching

6. Navigate the challenges and insecurities when learning a new language

7. Build confidence and self-esteem

8. Know your own worth

9. Create the career you want

10. Manage the feeling of missing home and family


I contacted Brunna because my life has changed a lot in the last couple of years and sometimes I feel that the situation overwhelmed me. I wanted to go deep into myself and discover the reasons that make me feel the way I feel. I loved working with Brunna, she is such a nice person, patient and helpful. I really appreciate the time and the effort she put to help me. Just asking me some question I was able to find by myself really clever answers. I can recommend Brunna with conviction. Thanks to the sessions I’ve been able to discover some parts of myself and also some tools that I can apply to my daily life.


—  Inmaculada Moreno, Spain

Here is how it works:


Book your first session with exclusive discount:


Reflect upon your challenges abroad and create a plan of action with me


Have my support for around 3 months to put the plan into action and create your home abroad.


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