The world has changed and we need to adapt to new business models and ways of working. The distances are shorter and we are seeing an increase in human mobility for professional purposes. But are we prepared to work with people from so many different cultures?


No matter how great you are as a manager, being open to individual differences is not enough in our globalized world. When you work on a global setting and view everything from your own cultural perspective, assuming that all misunderstandings are rooted in personalities, you are keeping aside a huge aspect of international teams: cultural differences. An international team is a powerful tool for a company's growth but understanding cultural differences is crucial if your business truly wants to succeed.

Why is intercultural coaching important for companies?

Different cultures perceive criticism in a different way, as well as tend to give feedback differently. To work effectively and support the company's growth and employee retention, modern companies need to understand these cultural differences.

Culture also influences how a person sees and values hierarchy. To manage a team effectively and respectfully, as well as to get things done, it is important to understand the different ways of working among different cultures.

Unmatched individual and team expectations can cause frustration and poor results. Often, international teams invest in endless long meetings that are not efficient. Being able to delegate tasks and responsibilities clearly and politely in an international team is a golden skill.

One relocation costs for the company around $311,000.00 in the first year. But 4 in 10 international assignments fail. Investing in individual intercultural coaching to support employees in this transition is key for a successful relocation (and company's growth).


69% of those who relocate are married and have their spouses accompanying them. Only 11% of the spouses manage to find a job in their new country. An unhappy personal life most likely will lead to relocation failure. Investing in individual coaching for employees and their spouses can be the difference that will set your company above.

Culture has a direct influence on how we communicate and convey messages. It also has a huge impact on how we perceive a message and the messenger (too direct, too vague, too rude, too soft). Learning how to communicate effectively in an intercultural team is essential not only for a leader but for the whole team.

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