The ChangeOver group is a deep and intense process of empowerment and self-discovery for migrants and expats to navigate a new normal in a different culture and society. It is a cooperation process that will help you eliminate emotional obstacles and transform the concrete difficulties into growth opportunities.


Learn how to manage everyday life, the weather, language barriers, solitude, make new friends and build real connection in the new host country. Exchange on real issues. Share, connect and grow with people that go through the same as you do.


When working in a group, you not only work on your personal issue, but also nourish yourself with other people's issues, and it is another drop of awareness that splashes you for your personal processes.

  • Rediscover yourself abroad

  • Manage stress and frustrations of everyday life as a migrant

  • Understand cultural differences

  • Master relationships in an intercultural context

  • Establish true connections

  • Build confidence and self-esteem

  • Know your own worth

  • Learn a new language (and manage the frustrations that come with that)

  • Find a job

  • Deal with body changes and eating habits in a new country

  • Exchange techniques and tools to deal with weather changes

  • Talk about missing family and friends

  • Build strength

  • Live in the present moment - stop comparing different countries

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