Living abroad can make you feel insecure and left out. The way people behave, communicate, interact in a new country is different. You might feel like you don't belong, not being able to speak the new language perfectly, be fully yourself and create a real connection with people.

AYVU offers a unique methodology of coaching, focusing on helping you feel confident and safe in this unfamiliar place, feel at home abroad and finally get what you came here for.


The world is changing and so is the working space. We are connected with other cultures as never before and the opportunities to move abroad for work are endless. More and more, companies are investing in intercultural teams. But interculturality comes with challenges! Managers need to adapt to having people who think, act, communicate, give feedback, interact, and work in different ways.

Having leaders who know how to effectively manage an international team is key to a successful and profitable organization. And AYVU is here to help you with that.


I contacted Brunna because my life has changed a lot in the last couple of years and sometimes I feel that the situation overwhelmed me. I wanted to go deep into myself and discover the reasons that make me feel the way I feel. I loved working with Brunna, she is such a nice person, patient and helpful. I really appreciate the time and the effort she put to help me. Just asking me some question I was able to find by myself really clever answers. I can recommend Brunna with conviction. Thanks to the sessions I’ve been able to discover some parts of myself and also some tools that I can apply to my daily life.


—  Inmaculada Moreno, Spain


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